12 Dog Breeds The Most Trending Dogs in 2019 ?

11. Beagle 

Dog Breeds That Will Provide a Lifetime of Canine Companionship family dogThe Beagle shared many physical traits with other hound dogs, such as the Coon- hound, Foxhound, etc., but is smaller, has a broader head and a shorter muzzle. The Beagle is 13 to 15” at the withers and normally weighs between 20 pounds to 35 pounds. Females have a smaller physique than male Beagles. The ears of the Beagle are long and soft and angled toward the cheeks.

Beagles have a relatively long neck to allow them to smell the ground to pick up the odor of their prey. The white tip of the tail is a characteristic bred into the species to let for the hunter to see the dog in the underbrush. The Beagle is usually tricolor (red black and white) with various colors and fading patterns.

As mentioned before, the tail is always white. Some Beagles can be two colors but always have a white base. The Beagle’s colors can evolve for a year or two before setting in their final patterns, but the white is normally set at around eight weeks old. The American Kennel Club recognizes two varieties of Beagle based on their size, less than  13” to 15.” Other Kennel Clubs do not differentiate based on size and categorize Beagles as being 13” to 16.” 

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