12 Dog Breeds The Most Trending Dogs in 2019 ?

Selecting a dog breed that will be a good fit for your family is an important, life-changing decision and one that involves many important factors. Each family is different, and there are many considerations that each family should take into account before deciding as to which dog breed will be the perfect addition. One of the first things your family will want to consider is what kind of physical and behavioral characteristics you are looking for in a family dog. Once you determine that, you will be able to narrow down which breeds have those traits and your family will be one step closer to selecting a dog.

12. The Bulldog 

Dog Breeds That Will Provide a Lifetime of Canine Companionship family dogThe Bulldog is one of the most recognizable breeds of dogs; Its physical aspect is still tied to its past role of a bullfighter. The body of the bulldog is broad and low to allow it to avoid being horned by the bulls it was meant to fight. The head of the bulldog is large, usually as large as the dog’s shoulders are high, and tend to be muscular.

The dog can have an under-bite, which means that the lower jaw is in front of the upper. The bulldog has a “droopy” face with drooping lips, eyes, and ears. The coat of the Bulldog is short, with colors in the brown, red, and white tones.

The tail is naturally short and is not cut when the Bulldog is a pup. The dog, despite being only 12 to 14” at the wither, reaches about 50 pounds for the males and 45 pounds for the females. 


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