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Dogs News brings you the latest breaking news in dogs welfare from around the globe. we’re committed to creating visually compelling, entertaining, highly shareable dogs videos and stories.

The Dogs News was founded on the observations that dog content is among the most widely shared on social media and that people care about the welfare of dogs more than ever before. Dog News endeavours to be accurate in its reporting, transparent and thorough in its sourcing, and fair and independent in its analysis.

Dogs News strives to verify and corroborate information via multiple sources whenever possible. dog news time grants anonymity to sources so they can provide information in the public interest without putting themselves at risk; dog news time does not grant anonymity to sources so they can avoid accountability for their opinions.

Dogs News includes labelling to indicate when an article is an opinion or advertising content (including sponsored content), and we disclose relationships with outside partners who may underwrite any area of coverage.

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