How Dogs Could Help Find A Treatment For Cancer?

Source: Courtesy of The Jackson Laboratory What have humans done to deserve dogs? They greet us when we come home, comfort us when we’re sad and generally act as loyal companions. Now, researchers are investigating whether tumors in dogs may help treat tumors in ...Read More

14 Human Foods That Could Kill Your Dog

In many homes, a dog or the dogs almost literally become members of our family. Be cautioned that treating them as humans at mealtimes can cause major injury to them by our good intentions to spoil them with scraps from our dinner plates. In ...Read More

12 Dog Breeds The Most Trending Dogs in 2019 ?

Selecting a dog breed that will be a good fit for your family is an important, life-changing decision and one that involves many important factors. Each family is different, and there are many considerations that each family should take into account before deciding as to ...Read More

8 Ways to Know Your Dog Loves You

We all want our dogs to love us. Whether we buy them as a puppy or rescue them from the shelter. We fall in love with them immediately and want to show them that same love and affection for the rest of their lives. ...Read More
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