Dog Training : How to raise a healthy dog ?

If you keep a dog, you should keep him nicely groomed. Grooming is not just beautifying; it goes a long way to your dog’s good health. Clipping nails, brushing furs, particularly if your dog has longish furs. Brushing teeth and a full shower are surely not a daily occurrence. Begin on a weekly basis, then space it out over a month.


Dog Grooming :

You can always have a short grooming routine last thing at night to make sure that your puppy doesn’t sleep with muddy paws or a foody mouth. It is better to have a fixed area and fixed time for grooming so that the dog knows exactly what to expect. Dogs and puppies love the grooming time mainly if you make it a positive and rewarding experience.

Talk to the dog while brushing and combing. Praise him when you check his clean eyes or teeth. If he allows you to trim his nail without protest, praise him profusely. This kind of frequent attention will go a long way towards building a good relationship. The more you communicate with your dog, the better you will understand each other.

 Ear and Eye Check :

Once a month, give a thorough ear check. Some puppies are prone to an ear infection. Clean the ears with the wet cloth. If you notice your dog or puppy scratching ears a lot, consult your vet, he could be suffering from a yeast infection or mite infestation and will need proper medication. If you notice the dog’s eyes are watery or dry, causing irritation, wipe both eyes with a wet cloth.

 Dental Care :

Dental care is an absolute must for your dog or puppy. Use a toothpaste and a long-handled toothbrush specially made for dogs. It is better to start brushing early in your puppy’s life as he will then get easily used to his lips being pulled and mouth opened wide. There are great health risks due to the formation of plaque or food rotting between the teeth. If you leave dental care for long, your dog will develop bad breath, which is a bad sign for the dog and an embarrassment for you as the dog owner. The saying prevention is better than cure, is most appropriate in case of dog’s teeth care.

 Pest Control

The infestation of fleas, mites, worms, and ticks can often irritate your dog or puppy, particularly ones with long furs. They can carry dangerous disease and make the pets itchy and most uncomfortable. Fortunately, some potent pest control medications kill the pests. However, before using them, be cautious as some dog owners say they are not too severe, you can use non-chemical milder powders and medicines and brush the puppy regularly with a flea comb. Give the dog frequent bath, mixing a few drops of fleeing preventive herb extracts or citrus oils in the bath water.

 Holistic Health Care :

Many modern veterinary doctors are prescribing alternative or complementary treatments for some chronic or incurable canine diseases. General canine health care, though controversial, is gaining in popularity. The basic concept of such care is to look at the underlying cause of the disorder. In that context, the vet would take note of the dog’s past health records and diet menus, then try to rectify whatever was wrong in them. The aim is to facilitate the body’s own ability to heal itself rather than dealing with the symptoms and giving medicine to reduce temporary discomfort.