Essential Oils for Dogs: Natural Remedies and Natural Dog Care Made Easy

There are many advantages to using essential oils for your pets. Essential oils are quick and easy to use and in many cases, you don’t even have to actually apply them to your pet but can diffuse them in and around your pet’s favorite places to let them get the benefits.

Essential oils are ideal to diffuse into the air to help disinfect your pet’s favorite areas. As mentioned beforehand they can also aid in calming an anxious pet. When your pet smells these oils he or she will be easily calmed and soothed. These are excellent for pets that seem to be overly anxious or nervous.

Older pets may appreciate a good old fashioned massage. The oils are gently massaged into sore muscles or arthritic areas and can provide temporary relief to aches and pains due to aging or minor injuries. Your pet will receive some great one on one contact as well as the soothing benefits of the essential oils.

The use of essential oils is highly prized due to the fact that there are no harmful side effects. Medications often harbor side effects that can be as bad as or worse than the original condition. Many pets, as well as their human counterparts, are allergic to chemicals. Essential oils harbor no chemicals and offer great benefits to both the pet and the owner.

Since essential oils easily penetrate the skin as well as cell membranes, they quickly diffuse throughout the pet’s body and provide nearly instant relief from a variety of conditions. These oils can greatly improve pain, emotions, moods and sensations like hunger and anger in any pet. Whether it is diffusion or massage you’re sure to see benefits quickly in your beloved pet.

In addition to using the oils on your pet for the above mentioned reasons, the owners will also benefit in the same fashion. Imagine having a bad day and giving your pet a massage only to find that your bad mood is lifted as well. Essential oils are very high in antioxidants. These antioxidants can in turn improve the body’s ability to heal. This boosts

Essential oils can be used for aromatherapy, just like for humans. Dogs can get stressed out too, and certain aromas will be able to calm him down. Lavender is a versatile oil that has properties to soothe the body. Dilute a few drops into a teaspoon of olive oil or a carrier oil, and then just allow your dog to breathe in the scent.

Therapeutic Coconut Oil Uses for Dogs:

There are many therapeutic benefits of using oils for dogs being discovered now, even though it was not recommended in the past. The most common oil being from the coconut, also known as the tree of life has been found to have many health benefits not only for humans but for dogs as well.

There are various products that are made from coconut leaves and lumber and many foods have at least a bit of coconut oil in them. However, the most popular use of the coconut, in the field of health is the oil from the coconut itself, which is known for its ability to cure many diseases.

Many ailments and diseases like yeast infections, hot spots, infected cuts, cracked paws and even smelly coats can all be cured by using just a jar of virgin coconut oil. When all other forms of diets fail, then it might be time to try out this natural medicine for your beloved pet.

Virgin coconut oil in this case means that the oil is unrefined and it can be used for both dogs and people. A medium chain fatty acid, such as lauric acid can be used to help prevent viral and bacterial infections. This is mainly found in mother’s milk and it helps in enhancing the immune system. Dogs can ideally benefit from such type of protection as well as the health benefits it provides throughout their lives.

There are other numerous health benefits of using coconut oil for dogs and they are all good reasons why you should give the pet some coconut oil. First, the oil helps in reducing cancer risks and also improves your dog’s digestion and ideally becomes the best way to alleviate most digestive problems. Coconut oil also gives your dog a glossy coat and a healthy flexible skin. Yeast and fungal infections can also be treated by the use of coconut oil. Arthritis and similar pains can also be reduced or even cured. Coconut oil can also help to stabilize the dogs metabolic.

Deodorizing Oil :

Many people don’t like to admit it, but dogs can often smell fairly bad. This isn’t necessarily their fault. A dog’s fur can simply hold much more in the way of dirt and oils that can cause bad odors and washing a dog is a much more difficult task than washing a human being. For starters many dogs absolutely hate bath time, and will do anything they can in order to get out of having to get in the tub. So if your dog smells bad but it’s nearly impossible to get your dog washed, are there any options to use to improve the way your dog smells.

Luckily, there is an option! You can look into using deodorizing essential oils to help get rid of that bad smell! Remember that essential oils are oils that are derived from various nuts, plants, and fruits. The oils are then boiled down until all the excess liquid has been evaporated away. This leaves nothing more than the base, or “essential”, oil of a substance.

There are many different varieties of essential oils, most of them plant or fruit based. And many of these oils contain a strong odor of the substance from which they’re derived. Grapefruit essential oil, for example, contains a strong grapefruit smell. This would make sense, since it’s derived from grapefruit!

There are multiple ways to use these essential oils in order to deodorize your dog. There’s the most basic and straightforward way, which is using these oils as a type of perfume. Simply rub some of the oil onto your dog’s skin and fur several times a day, and the smell of the oil will help cover up the smell of the dog.