Teaching Your Kids How To Interact With Dogs – Advice For Moms of New Pets


You may not have realized before that children and dogs can be great friends and having a four-legged member in your house can teach your children how to develop qualities like kindness, understanding, and respect for all living beings. If your kid is lucky enough to have a dog as a companion, this can also boost his social skills with people and learning how to care for your pet can also improve his sense of responsibility.

If you’re a mom of a new pet dog or if you’re a new pet parent, you have to ensure that your kids don’t behave in a manner where they are bitten by their four-legged friends. Owners of pets are often confused about how to teach their kids about what they should and shouldn’t do with their pets. So, here we are going to tell you about some such points.

Understanding the actions which may cause your pet dog to bite you

The same things that can drive a human being to a point of extreme anger will also make the pets angry. Here are a few reasons you should make your kids aware of:

#1: Don’t stick your dirty hands in their meal

Don’t we human beings get angry when our kids or someone else sticks his dirty hand inside our meals? Bet we do! Similarly, the pet dogs also wish to eat in peace and hence if your kid is naughty enough to stick his hands inside his meal, he is surely going to get a dog bite. Make him aware of this.

#2: Don’t steal toys from a dog

We usually teach our kids to never steal toys from their friends or siblings. Similarly, if your kid has the audacity of stealing a toy from a pet dog, he is definitely in for some danger. You should teach your kid to leave all the Fido toys alone and at the same time, you should also train your dogs to give up their toys for a reward or rather a sequence of rewards. This will make them willingly give away their toys without feeling possessive about them. For extra care of your pet dog, make sure you opt for pet insurance to cover him against all odds.

#3: Don’t get too close to them on their face

As a mom, you have to teach your children not to get too close on the face of their pets. You should train them to maintain a proper social distance with their pet dogs. Even though you’re a family member, putting your face too close to that of your dog will irritate him and he might attack you.

#4: Don’t handle your pets roughly

Kids also dislike being handled in a rough manner. The case is similar with the dogs. Dogs are often trained to enjoy this kind of handling but in case they aren’t, they might get angry. Hence, teach your kids to stay polite with their pets.

Therefore, now that you know the things that you should teach your kids in order to stay in peace with the new furry member in your house, make sure they are practicing it even in your absence.