The Best 10 Ways to Teach Your Dog to Sit

All new dogs need correct coaching, Whether or not you’re sharing your home with a brand new puppy or associate adult dog, it’s ne’er ahead of time to start out coaching your dog. And most dogs are happier with the structure and confidence that comes from coaching. It will feel overwhelming after you initial begin to figure on dog training. If you are unsure wherever to start, develop a week-by-week schedule to assist you in getting organized. Each week, select one or 2 basic commands to figure on. Arrange to create some changes to your dog’s atmosphere to stop or modify behavior issues.

            How to Train Your Dog to take a seat?

Work on teaching your dog to sit down. Arrange on defrayal regarding five minutes a couple of times daily engaged in the “sit” command. Teaching the “sit” command to your dog is typically quite straightforward, as dogs tend to sit down naturally. “Sit” is a vital basic dog coaching command that each dog ought to understand. It’s the simplest way to assist your dog in settling a bit in one place and specializing in you. The coaching may also facilitate lay the groundwork for “stay” and different a lot of complicated commands. The secret’s for your dog to associate the word with the action.

           What correct Sitting ought to appear as if?   

When your dog is within the correct sitting position, its hocks and bottom area unit firmly planted on the bottom. Some dogs can cheat and “hover” on top of the bottom touch, therefore make certain not to reward until its buns are on the bottom. Ideally, your dog can stay sitting till you unharness it (some trainers use the word “OK” as a unharness cue), however, typically this behavior does not return till the dog has learned “stay.


Plan to put aside five to ten minutes a couple of times per week to figure on this coaching. Before you start, confirm you’ve got coaching treats to supply your dog. These treats ought to be soft, small, and extremely appealing to your dog. If you employ clicker coaching along with your dog, have your clicker in hand.

  • 1. Get your dog’s attention and show your dog that you simply have a treat in your hand.
  • 2. Hold the treat simply higher than your dog’s nose (not too high or your dog would possibly jump).
  • 3. Move the gift back towards your dog’s ears, keeping it on the brink of the top. Your dog’s nose would possibly ensue to follow the gift initially; however, most dogs can sit once the gift gets to an exact purpose.
  • 4. As before long as your dog’s rear lands on the bottom, say “yes!” or “good dog” in AN upbeat tone (or, click your clicker).
  • 5. Immediately provide your dog the treat followed by kissing and praiseful.
  • 6. Repeat these steps until your dog sits at the sight of the gift higher than its nose.
  • 7. Next, add the cue word: Say your dog’s name followed by the word “sit,” spoken clearly whereas holding the treat within the position as before.
  • 8. Repeat many times, exploitation the word “sit” when and step by step phasing out the hand motion (keep exploitation the treat, end the action).
  • 9. Hold short coaching sessions throughout the day in numerous locations, each indoors and outdoors. Finish coaching session on a positive note (with success). Hold back and consistent.

If your dog doesn’t sit on its own once several tries, avoid pushing your dog into a sitting position. Dogs do not tend to be told well that manner. Also, avoid yelling or penalization. Dogs seldom reply to negative reinforcement with something however confusion. Instead, contemplate attempting additional valuable treats, like fresh meat, hot dog items, cheese, liverwurst.